Pengelolaan Wakaf Uang pada KSPPS BMT NU Ngasem Bojonegoro Perspektif terkait PERMEN Nomor 16/Per/M.KUKM/IX/2015


  • Yani Khadijah Institut Agama Islam Uluwiyah Mojokerto


Regulation of implementation of collection and management of money waqf on the Sharia Coorperatives/BMT is PERMEN number 16/Per/M-KUKM/IX/2015. Money Waqf is expected to be a source of funding to streng then the coorperative capital, and become cheap funds without any cost to be then disbursed for the community to be more productive. This study aims to analyze the implementation of the management of money waqf implemented aspect by KSPPS BMT NU of Ngasem Bojonegoro after the issuance of  PERMEN No. 16/Per/M-KUKM/IX/2015. This study uses the descriptve method, by collecting the datas in the field using observation, interview, documentation technique.The results of collection and management of money waqf in KSPPS BMT NU Ngasem Bojonegoro in 2016-2017  amounted to Rp 438.242.000,00. With a total waqf of 34,302 people. The money waqf  management is invested  in the form of time deposites in Baitul Tanwil Division with the investment of  Rp 38.242.000,00 with profit sharing of Rp 27.513.960,00.It is advised to  KSPPS BMT NU Ngasem Bojonegoro to improve  the quality and quantity of SDM kenazhiran through waqf education program to develop the understanding of waqf management, utilization and investing money waqf in the productive sector.